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A dazzling novel about two exceptional sisters, set in the Australian film world of the 1920s.

Two sisters, Adéla and Klára, must flee their home in Prague in 1920 after their mother is murdered by their duplicitous stepfather. They seek refuge with their estranged uncle and his Indian wife in Sydney, Australia.

Falling in love with the landscape and unique wildlife of her adopted country, Adéla becomes a film director at a time when the early local industry is starting to feel the competition from Hollywood.

But Hollywood is not Adéla’s only adversary. Separated from her true love by deceit, she must deal with conflicted feelings about marriage to a man she likes but does not love and her sister’s deepening mental illness. Danger from her past returns and ultimately dreams of the silver screen must compete with the bonds of a lifetime …

Weaving fact into inspiring fiction with great flair and imagination, this is a novel as full of hope, glamour and heartbreak as the film industry itself.

‘An absorbing story of hope and despair, loyalty and love’  Woman’s Day

‘Readers are kept on their toes … and it’s a worthwhile wait’ Courier-Mail

‘Keeps you involved and caring … an engrossing read’ MX


Author Notes
I was reading on early films and was amazed to learn that during the days of silent pictures, Australia had the biggest  industry in the world. Our natural light, our large cinema going population and our unique landscapes and fauna all worked in our favour.

But we were overtaken by Hollywood, and not by completely ‘above-board’ tactics. I wanted to know more about the early pioneers of our film industry and that became the backdrop for this love story.

White Gardenia
Wild Lavender
Silver Wattle
Tuscan Rose
Golden Earrings
Sapphire Skies                                                                                                                                                  The Invitation